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SEO Services

Local SEO Services

Digital Ducats Inc. specializes in driving traffic to websites in order to create a wider client base for companies to generate more sales. Our services will benefit your businesses by enhancing the visibility of your website in the search results. Although our company is based out of Toronto, our services are equally as effective for companies from anywhere around the globe.


The start of our business relationship begins with a formal meeting. This is primarily done over the phone to ascertain the status of your company website and determine what can be done to improve its performance. The assessment is quick and informal and only requires basic information for the precursory meeting.


During our first meeting a preliminary audit is performed to check the websites health, optimization and current stage of development. Based on what you want in terms of traffic, an SEO consultant will provide the quote along with alternate options to consider pursuing as potential sources of traffic.

No contracts, no minimum time

There is no set time frame to develop a website. Digital Ducats Inc. does not enforce any contracts for any specified amount of time. We offer a monthly service that you pay for in advance. Each month, we do exactly what needs to be done to optimize your website for searches related to your key phrase.

The service provided takes your company a step closer in achieving the desired results by improving the flow of traffic to your website. The process is designed to enhance the online presence of your company within its competitive niche through an effectively scheduled strategy.

Client expectations

When a keyword strategy is established, each month of development is designed to optimize a website to appear in more related searches. The methods employed involve onsite and offsite optimization services that increase the frequency of appearances a website has in searches related to your niche and industry.

A client can expect to improve their websites optimization for the keywords agreed upon for every month their site is developed. The cumulative effects are increased performance in related search listings creating more traffic to the website.

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We research your industry and the key phrases that have commercial value so we can determine the best sources of traffic to focus on driving to your website. The solutions often involve the obvious, most popular search terms, but there are dozens of variations to consider that can provide value to your business.


The optimization of your website is a critical factor in targeting search phrases that add value to your company. Your websites content is reviewed and analyzed for the key phrases it communicates to search engines as the areas of most importance. An assessment of your website will indicate any issues that are helping and hurting your SEO and establish a clear course of action to improve the quality of the traffic your website generates.


Developing your website will enhance the signals that communicate the services and products your company offers through targeted search phrases. We increase the number of instances your company name appears online on websites that are related to your industry and/or niche. We publish and post related content that under your company name to expand your audience and improve authority and credibility. Our SEO service identifies positive and negative reviews or mentions about your company and provide solutions in the event of any negative mentions or reviews.


Website Design

Design a website that mirrors every aspect of your business. Each website is fully responsive and is made to fit any type of screen or mobile device. We build fully optimized, search engine friendly sites. Clients are assigned a designer for all website editing to ensure consistency during the design and editing stages.

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SEO Services

Search engine optimization consists of a series of services that improves the strength of your search results. Our finished product is a fully optimized website and improved performance in your competitive niche. We develop an enhanced online presence of your company that attracts more visitors to your website.

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